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Michael Pote

Mike Pote has been operating as a full-time and fully committed financial advisor since 1985. As your personal financial services advocate - operating in a fiduciary capacity, his clients always know exactly who they will be talking to when they call - and who is behind everything that happens concerning their investments and accounts. He believes they find that to be a beneficial, predictable and a welcome change from the environment of the “big box” brokerage firms - which tend to have a revolving door of both clients and brokers...

He can accomplish this because in addition to his 33 years of experience; he partners with one of the nation’s largest, independently-owned brokerage firms, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. As a vital business partner they provide him with all the framework, technological infrastructure and investment opportunities - on a fully independent, objective basis; without the corporate pressures inherent in many of these big Wall Street firms - to enable him to professionally manage your assets in as much of a conflict-free environment as can be found in the financial services today.

“If you are not already a valuable client of my firm, I invite you to contact me with any questions - or second opinions - you may have. I look forward to talking with you soon ...”

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